Adventure Trail

Gold climbing Festival in Zenting Bavaria Zenting (tvo) in the Sun. As the name suggests: the Sun often shines In the Sun forest and until the Brotjacklriegel, 1,016 metres high up on the mountain,. In sunny forest communities Grattersdorf, Zenting Schofweg, Innernzell builds, and Germany one set that that the sky on 22 and 23 August 2009 laughs. Read more here: Scott Kahan. Because the longest and most versatile adventure trail in Germany, the gold trail, on the Brotjacklriegel and through the middle of Zenting, the region celebrates a great gold climbing Festival this weekend for the second time. Special hikes (by the Sunrise hike over the Museum walk to the hike of the hunt), a distance ride for riders and horses of all breeds, horse drawn carriage rides, as well as a scenic adventure walk with the Group Dobernigl, which uniquely combines nature and history, puts the participant in the 19th century and include facing the Muhlhiasl are part of the varied programme. On Sunday afternoon, the well-known from radio and television leads Rarity gardener Franz-Xaver Treml through an herb garden. Zenting offers the visitor culinary delights from the sunny forest and a small market.