ABCD Streets

We would need three or four times more lines of what we have today. The magnifying of limits of the city of So Paulo, that if it connected to the neighboring cities, became simply imperceptible the geographic limits between the cities. Workers of the ABCD if dislocate daily in direction to the capital and vice versa. The same he occurs with other neighboring cities the west, east and north, becoming the idea of cities, with separate administrations, an abstraction. The buses go if becoming impracticable as alternative definitive for the public transport, therefore the increase of the fleet esbarra in the same obstacle: where to circulate? Preferential streets also demand high investments and a severe fiscalization, what it increases its costs of maintenance. Thus we find in them in the old quandary: to increase the streets or to diminish the size of the vehicles? Recently a statistics was published where if all the vehicles of the city of So Paulo were for the streets and were lined up, it would not have space for circulation. Fortunately, many vehicles remain in its garages good part of the day.

However, we have another sufficiently alarming data: the number of permitted new cars in the city of So Paulo. A thousand new vehicles per day are launched in the city more than. The metaphor of the French city planner, Themie, illustrates well this situation: ' ' Between So Paulo and Rio De Janeiro, we see of the high one, a great plantation of automveis' '. It seems that we walk literally for one ' ' street without sada' ' , using an extracted metaphor of the proper transit. How it will be the future? Will have space all the automobiles to circulate for the cities? The public power will have resources to continue widening streets and avenues, dispossessing immovable? The environment will support the atmospheric pollution, and the effect greenhouse, degrading the quality of life of the urban population? The difficulty in answering to these questions, places in check the condition of support of this industry.