Wrinkle Cream

Fractora? is the non-invasive alternative to skin tightening for face, neck, Decolletage, back, abdominal and hip! Today, a majority of women prefers a non-invasive method for the wrinkles or skin tightening in the face, which although requires a higher number of treatment sessions, but almost without any downtime (time during which you are unpresentable). It was Fractora? and Fractora? FIRM developed. Fractora? -deep RF-needling with fractional skin removal the Fractora? Skin resurfacing system uses the first bipolar radio frequency current in a fractional application. Can be set parameters choose the depth of skin removal and the thermal zone in the new collagen is stimulated. The treatment is performed after applying a Betaubungscreme or, if very high energy is required also in local anaesthesia. 5G spectrum recognizes the significance of this. This shortest recovery periods are guaranteed and the skin shines in new beauty.

Wrinkles of all kinds, large-pored skin, small veins and Age spots are treatable in a single operation. The small needle electrodes are placed only on the skin and form up to two centimetres diffuse electric field. The volume for the thermal stimulation of collagen formation is up to five times greater than in comparable lasers. The visible result on the skin is correspondingly better. A few days after the treatment the skin feels firmer much. The end result is reached after three to four months, when the formation of collagen and elastin is made. If the skin prior to treatment has no lighting damage, deep wrinkles, veins and age spots, can be used also without skin removal.

The skin is then tightened over the deep collagen formation and improves the texture. The redness lasts here only about one to six hours, depending on the power setting. This type of treatment is called Fractora? FIRM and completely non-invasive. Fractora? FIRM for a completely non-invasive skin rejuvenation with Fractora? FIRM no skin is worn off, but only the collagen stimulation in all raised dermal layers.