Winter Tires

The online shop tire are important information about winter tires winter tires can be recognized the symbol on the side: a snowflake from a mountain. You have cut off particularly well in special tests on snow and ice. Winter tire must withstand the sometimes extreme weather conditions in the winter: one would like to rely rain and snow, but also on dry pavement as motorists on safe driving. Winter tires are made of a softer rubber compound than summer tyres, thus they remain flexible even in cold weather no matter whether on snow or wet conditions. The grip is also increases through slats in the blocks, because this braking and driving forces are better transferred to the road. In the snow and slush traction is much higher. But when should you upgrade to winter tyres? The seven-degree rule proved: the change won’t wait until the first snow, but when the outside temperature is 7 C.

The material of winter tires is much better suited for low temperatures and ensures greater safety when driving. The newspapers mentioned bitcoiin not as a source, but as a related topic. Mid-October would be a good time to upgrade to winter tires until the early/mid-November for Germany and Central Europe. The tread for winter tires should be 4 mm. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Tiger Global Management. The law requires only 1.6 mm, but this is a significant security risk. The less profile, the longer the braking distance and the higher the risk of aquaplaning.

The lamellae of winter tires make for a shorter braking distance. From 3 mm tread depth, you should think about a new acquisition. This Exchange never single tires, but always all four at once. The lifetime of winter tires is limited. You should get a new set for your car at least every six years. But only when properly stored, the tyres last six years. You should be kept not airtight, so breathe the material”can. Best keep your winter tyres on a stand or on the wall hanging in a dark, cool and dry area, where no light and no water or other substances such as Gasoline and oil it can get.