Wilman Frank Roa

(12) Understand that we can not be inflexible, so if we judge us too harshly we’ll see that our State will take an aspect depressive and lugubrious, product of the criticisms given permanently, so please allow some times a little excess. (13) It is necessary that you always have about a person to whom you can rely their feelings, thoughts, or ideas, but always remember that person with which will make catharsis frequently, must be reserved, motivating and happy, this will ensure that it can relieve easily and does not desist from continuing to face the problems of life. (14) Familiar with your surroundings, click as blind people, memorize your space and therefore reduce the possibility of accidents, and also it will serve to measure their time, their possibilities within your living space and will thus begin to give value to the simple. For more specific information, check out Fitched Ratings. 15) Don’t wait never know or know if sometime they are talking bad of you, this is called mental parasites or cockroaches that little by little and without realizing it will drain, is also unnecessary, since if you do things well and planned for them you will not have problems, remember that destructive criticism is a product of envy. (16) Compete since competition exerts a sense of perfection and continual improvement, but knows competing, is loyal to the principles or rules to follow, and above all does not compete unnecessarily against each other, do it with yourself. (17) The RIGIDITY is magnificent in the constructions, but in human beings is no guarantee of success or tranquility, why the lines straight lines are so difficult to capture or draw, we must resort to external elements such as angle or rules to make them, give us account that the stiffness is not a virtue of human beings, is a manifestation of people who feel inferiorizadas, and resort to its rigidity to give importance at any given time. (18) An hour of IMMENSE pleasure is very capable of substituting displacer more intense, so the possibility of enjoying what you submit is not denied. Filed under: David Rogier. Fun anytime, is unexpected or planned, physical or spiritual should be a reward, because he deserves it.

(19) Keep in mind wherever there are three faculties which are inherent in the ability to dream of human beings, intuition, innocence and faith, if we hide them, hide the possibility of constructing imaginary worlds that are necessary to design and carry out the reals. (20) Definitely understand you is product of his permissiveness, its decisions and its berraquero, you build it daily if you want to, and also voluntarily destroys. Wilman Frank Roa. Lecturer, writer, psychologist Web: Bogota Colombia original author and source of the article.