Weight Loss And Naturopathy

Nutrition plays a vital role in maintaining good health, treatment and prevention of various diseases. In the words of Robert Mack Harrison, one of the best known nutritionists, 'The correct diet is single most important factor in maintaining health, poor nutrition – an essential factor in the development of disease. " These words are especially relevant today when many chronic diseases (such as obesity, diabetes, hypertension, stroke, heart attack, arthritis, rheumatism, etc.) have acquired the status of these epidemics. All of them – pay for modern civilization technological advances of industrialization, completely transformed the nature of power. Prior to this period, people's health is largely supported by clean, not contaminated with 'chemistry' and not emasculated processed high-grade products, largely preserve (at home, preparing individual) natural complex of biologically active substances 'live' food.

But by the middle of XX century in the diet of the population is technically developed countries, there have been three fundamental changes: Firstly, it is narrowed down set of unprocessed foods, and secondly, were worked cleaning processes, refining of natural products, as it seemed unnecessary, 'Ballast' substances, and to replace them, in the third, came numerous chemical additives: preservatives, coloring agents, emulsifying agents, antibiotics, and in addition they have a lot of toxic substances to humans from environmental pollution. But the results, as they say, were not slow impact ….. Ills of modern civilization, destroys the water and air, plants and animals make to increasing attention to get accustomed to the methods of natural weight loss, but not to those which are based on the achievements of pharmacists. Still, most people are trying to get rid of the disease only by medication. They believe that caring about their own health can be fully shifted onto the shoulders of a doctor.

However, no doctor can do for the man, that man can and must do for himself. No one better than ourselves can not always keep your body in good shape, you just have to respect the laws of Nature. And then losing weight will be easy and natural. These laws have been studied by hundreds of generations of people and came to us in the sacred books of many nations, the works of famous vrdchey different countries and periods. mation. And today, prominent doctors, naturopaths (representatives of one of modern fields of medicine – natural hygiene, naturopathy or) offer us ways of natural healing the human body. All they see the root cause of the destruction of health in self-poisoning organism accumulated harmful substances in it, slag, waste, toxins, originating in the first place, according to a poor diet. That is why nutrition is seen as a two-pronged process – nutrient-cleansing in which food is inseparable from the proper cleansing. Self-Healing, the conviction of naturopaths, based on the natural lifestyle in accordance with the laws of Nature. They believe that food not only determines the composition of the blood: it shapes the character and even the world of man. The philosophy of natural hygiene can be expressed by the following definition of Bulgarian naturopath Peter Dimkova: 'All health formula You can write to the nail bed: Take care of cleanliness of the inside – pure thoughts, pure desire, pure deeds, pure words, pure food. Be humble and respect the laws of Nature. "