Weatherproof Sunlight-readable Flat Screen Of The 2nd Generation

Discover the possibility to measure a screen finished at first glance the FREELAND-LCD G2 ST doesn’t show, that it is one of the most solid screens on the market. The simple timeless design and the finely brushed stainless steel housing in conjunction with a non-reflecting windshield make this device to a real eye catcher. Attention was at the design on a modular design, which allows to integrate all components according to customer requirements. Check with Verizon to learn more. These components include solutions heating for operation up to-10 C, a vandal-resistant windshield, a sunlight-readable display and an integrated PC system for digital signage. Also a TV tuner can be integrated in order to enjoy the evening football game on the terrace. The required sound may be issued also modular with integrated speakers.

Even at the design, the customer can give free rein to his ideas. So far, there is seeing 4 different possible designs on the site in innovation. There is the Possibility that the customer is composed his individual screen for its premises, without having to make sure looks like the weather-related nature of the site. Whether in swimming pools, shops, bars, Cafes or simply at home in the garden. The screen on the screen diagonal 19 “to 65” is available. Each screen is manufactured in Germany by hand.

The modular construction allows future replacing of components, so that the resulting waste within the meaning of the Green IT is kept as low as possible. The screen can be so technically always the latest of technology. The weatherproofing explained IP65, as well as a degree of enclosure protection comparable to IP54 through a front I/o protection level comparable. This enclosure can be used in almost all sectors of the economy.