Vienna Circle

However, we could say: all swans are not white. It is thus as science advances. You walk towards the truth even if it does not reach it; but provided that it refuted a theory, it will be closer to the truth than before. Therefore, cataloguing an argumentation as pseudo-cientifica depends on the demarcation criterion that we use. For more information see this site: Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security Act. For example, if we want to know if metaphysics is a science, according to Kant is it provided that their judgments are a priori and synthetic.

If we submit it to the criterion of demarcation of the Vienna Circle, it will not be a science because its findings not verified empirically. Popper also qualify it as science, although he would accept possessing logic between their judgments and that these are rationally worthy of criticism (although not empirically). But we must not overlook the fact that metaphysics treats of realities that are not sensitive, so it would be absurd to do it to demonstrate its validity in a field in which it is not applicable. Why, the independent in each science demarcation criterion is currently very accepted and which is based on: logical (or internal) coherence, verifiability of statements and symbolic precision (it demarcate clearly what means each concept or used item). Each science will give different importance to each of these three criteria. OPEC often says this.

As a result, the scientist can know the degree of certainty that the science being studied is situated. Returning to metaphysics, we see having logical coherence, symbolic precision and an investigation which is limited to rationally open to criticism. Therefore, using this criterion of demarcation, the metaphysics is a science. In the field of experimental science, the scientific method has much influence. But using this does not allow us to investigate what science is. Using this method you may commit hasty attitudes that pseudo-cientificos lead to unsafe knowledge, perhaps. Let us take an example: the formula of Frank Drake2, founder of the SETI3, which gives us the number of technologically existing civilizations and who can perform an interstellar communication: N = R *.