Valento Person

In this hour music stopped and the remaining portion of the ball alone had eyes for the fight that was gives to start, the wheel if opened in the way it hall and the young dancer seted the arm pra to finish soon with that history, and when the Tio projected its body in direction he stumbled at a rock and he fell the man at one’s feet ' ' valente' ' if it puted in charge to esbofetear the coitado poor person, also how only can, to kick dog dead everybody of the account! But it was everything so fast that the eyes of that they saw had not perceived that it was the tumble of its executioner made who it to lose, and Tio was known from there as Tio Valento. You may find that baby clothes can contribute to your knowledge. The respect and the fear that received from the itapuranguense people were not nothing bad, were invited for the parties and he was always well treat for all, it seemed more celebrity, and in one there of these parties he appeared for the bands of Itapuranga a man of ugly face, that also was not flower that if smells, known as Z Mouth of Donkey, call thus because, rumors say that it rode for roads of Gois in lombo of one burrinho, that he did not support to see a shade of tree that soon empacava and from there it did not leave, in one of this Z lost the estribeiras and with one alone blow in the mouth of the animal he fainted the poor donkey. The such of the Z tava in the party of marriage of a traditional couple of the city, and there it was Tio Valento, special guest of the father of the fianc, was alone you eat to start them and you drink that Z mouth of Donkey fulled the face and soon tava stepping on high, the father of the fianc from fear the citizen to ruin the party of the son was to set in motion the valentia of Tio to banish there from the encrenqueiro outsider, Tio as it could not if deny and lose its valentia, took courage and it called the drunk for leaving the party and going to drink in another place, Z as pra was not of taking violation house, it was soon saying that pra tava crazy to break the face of somebody in that night. Soon! The confusion tava armed, poor person of Tio that if it saw in that situation, did not have courage not even to kill hen pra to make farofa and now it went to soon fight with that one ' ' monstro' ' infuriated. the wheel if opened again and Z Mouth of Donkey with one alone Cruzado of left-handed person disassembled the poor person Tio Valento, who was in the soil with four teeth to less in its mouth, of which two until had today not been found, some say that Z Mouth of uses them to Donkey hanging as glue in its neck, of this I do not know, only know that the valentia of Tio finished since then, it who never was courageous now lived as a coitado poor person and rambled for the bars and botecos of Itapuranga threading the face in branquinha pra to forget if of the vexame that he passed, and until today he did not have male that if it put with Z Mouth of Donkey that is the typical Valento of the goiano interior.