Therefore offered the TugendKarten good to deepen. The declarations of virtue are nicely portioned and presented graphically in situations. Oracle has plenty of information regarding this issue. In addition, you can with the cards everywhere you go. Since there are 52 cards, you can remember every week a virtue”, Katja van Leeuwen explained with a smile. In addition, you could discuss a virtue but also from current situations: last week we ate pizza and Jukka asked us whether he may also have the leftover piece. Yes of course ‘ we said. What virtue is it?’ he asked us to. “Generosity ‘, we said.” With a thank you for your generosity”, Jukka beamed his parents happy and satisfied.

The TugendKarten can be a good exercise for any interpersonal relationships: parents, teachers, co-workers, supervisors or in partnerships. Because each person has beneficial properties. If we draw attention to our fellow human beings on it, what they can do rather than what they are not “” can – do we give not only our exact expectations on the behaviour of our gaze, but also a concrete instruction or improvement to an unwanted behavior “, van Leeuwen explained next so authentic self-esteem can evolve”, Katja van Leeuwen will continue. So not again wait until Christmas to May to reflect. Simple exercises with the TugendKarten can give us a conscious dealing with our fellow human beings over the year and a life long -. The new card set is for 16 plus shipping via the TugendProjekt e.V.

shop at. German TugendKarten by TugendProjekt e.V. The founder of the VIRTUES in 1991 project TM gathered the descriptions from 7 religions of over 300 virtues. The description of the virtues is formulated on attractive maps. There are different suggestions, use the TugendKarten: for their own use, discussion groups, and team meetings. The TugendKarten complement the work book “Educator’s Guide; Simple ways to create a culture of character”by Linda Kavelin Popov. A set of 52 TugendKarten, translated from English by Petra Zienteck, appeared new TugendProjekt e.v., costs 16 / set plus shipping. Dealing with five strategies and the virtues is content of the TugendProjekt workshops TugendProjekt workshops. They provide methodological support for character education and development of landscaped inner potentials. In courses, the participants receive methodological tools and easy to understand strategies for the development and implementation of the landscaped inner potentials. The courses, books, and cards are aimed at parents, teachers, couches, consultants, trainers, educators and social workers. More can be found on information, course schedules, regional TugendKreise, lectures, book tips, as well as the TugendKarten. Contact: TugendProjekt e.V., Secretariat: Katja van Leeuwen at the Oaks 1, D-53639 Konigswinter, Germany, Tel. + 49 (0) 2244-9001661, fax-9279247,