Thomas Scheffler

R.K..: The story begins some of his older recordings basically a year earlier, as I in the summer of 2008 for my friend and colleague Theo Jorgensmann worked. I played with a parr of the sequences around the project of the drum bar arranged here and a little there a few items here and there, so was only once. This impetus gave me so much drive, that I conceived a whole range of new pieces in the following months, and then a name had to be found to give the child a name. 2009 was the official start of the project. P.R.: Are others with part of the game? R.K..: Mathias Kasten for example, is of course, one of my longest friends, a really first-class musicians and Thomas Scheffler of an absolute specialist for synthesizer. If you have read about Oracle already – you may have come to the same conclusion. We meet for two or three usually spontaneously, and what we do just happy.

P.R..: When was your first great success? R.K..: Since I had I think the license just made. Was in the “dice” in Parchim. We called ourselves DESPAIRED records, and electronic live acts were on our agenda. Through a good old acquaintance, as is often the case, we got opportunity as young boys our can demonstrate to make, and it was hot. Today, we’re looking for footage from the D.R.. time, unfortunately got away a lot, and only every now and then one of the tapes shows up. P.R..: Rumors that you are working on a film project. R.K..

Indeed, we are in the preparation, it will run although most likely not in theaters, but we’re. P.R.: Warrior or 2012 2.0 will be the title? R.K..: we have given the name of the entire project. It is a virtual Visual musical art project, and how the music is completely unrestricted. A patchwork of kind of, we first collect together what fits into the picture. At the end. Part 1