The Vedic

So what is called fate arises. The planets of the solar system are such higher beings. You are entrusted with the management of the fate of living things – especially on the Earth. Planets are not material bodies, pointless and unconscious moving through the universe. That may not apply a material world view, but for a spiritual understanding of reality. In a spiritual understanding of reality, a loving consciousness behind all his. Nothing is random, senseless, unconscious, dead or haphazard. On the contrary: everything is the manifestation of absolute sense; everything is imbued with life and consciousness, and all follow a schedule.

This comprehensive plan is in the nature of pure love. From the horoscope the role of a human can be read, which he plays in the life. His response to the individual planets creates a specific identity matrix, that sets it apart from all other creatures. The disharmony, excess and the shortfalls and the resulting friction can be determine based on the Vedic horoscope. It’s not that the planet about fate decide.

You are only the ER filler of our karma, we have chosen us based on our free will itself and selecting new in every moment. The planets are incorruptible. They prefer anyone and they discriminate against anyone. They have strict regulations which follow precisely. The Vedic horoscope of Kavaca gives us means, with whose help we can change our response to the planet. For example, a disturbed response is generally visible to the Moon energy in a problematic relationship with the mother and the femininity. The area of life in which it will show mainly, is also visible from the horoscope. This distorted and limited response of the people concerned to the energy of the Moon is based on his free decision, to deal with the challenges of life in this specific way. It has nothing to do with a bias of the personality of the moon.