The Service Sector

You can see and be participants of the Championship of Ukraine and Russia, World Championships, European or other countries, see different countries are not only from car windows, and a bird's-eye! Sightseeing flights (skating) on the balloons – the service sector, which is well known throughout the world. In each country, the resort area, near the prestigious hotels and campgrounds rise in air balloons. In Ukraine, today it is – a new direction of travel industry. The program of development of tourism in hot air ballooning in the Crimea flight area most interesting and beautiful places to fly tourists – the foothills of the Crimean mountains, and near the clusters of tourists, ie, from the South Coast: – Baidar Valley (short flights – 5-10 miles) – District (valley along the route -Sebastopol) – District of Simferopol and the valley from the village. The saddle in the direction of Simferopol – you can combine hiking with promotional flights.

Flying in the vicinity of the settlement. The saddle is well compatible with sightseeing on and Chatyrdag. Possible to conduct operations in Other Areas: – Area Saki, Belogorsk, area Sun Valley – Cape Meganom, district Feodosia – the village. Koktebel – Stary Krym – the valley in a mountainous area near the sea, are excellent places for a holiday with scuba diving, and camping near Sudak, Weather Service Cape Meganom. Flight operations on the balloon flights in normal weather conditions: wind speed up to 5 m / s, the lack of rainfall and updrafts, horizontal visibility to 1 km.