The Red

These two shots are translated into a truly striking event that causes that the policemen, with powerful firearms, compulsively and indiscriminately start to shoot against the occupants of the second truck. The fire is so devastating that it produces an exorbitant number of dead and wounded, and one thing is very clear and evidenced: two policemen are less serious injuries by sharp weapons that are identified as machetes, while all the dead and injured were passengers and were touched by firearms. All of the witnesses we interviewed are agreed in pointing out that the cops acted compulsively, cold and powerfully by irritation, without responding to schemes fairly logical, because that does not appear to respond to an attack with firearm, against them. () The Red truck (which was not shot) is that travels the greatest number of members of the OCSS. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Anthropologie. You are not warned that they resist.

The blue truck () on the other hand, has as travelers a majority number of inhabitants that go shopping or to attend personal matters in Coyuca de Benitez. Two alleged members of the OCSS who travel on the canvas that was on the roof, are those who descend machete in hand, and apparently throw blows against the policemen. Others not involved and some of those who descend defend themselves by hiding under transport. A gunshot or explosion, and virtually all police officers begin in unison to shoot. Stated that in recent days the police had been attacked and believing that the same thing would happen using their weapons against unarmed people, because has not reliably that the occupants of the truck carry guns, especially none of the policemen was injured bullet.

() The high authorities of the Government of the State of Guerrero, at the end of the month in June 1995, before the palmaria gravity of the masacramiento (sic) of civil unarmed, and just two hours of the event, they began to create an artificial version of the facts (). Hilda Navarrete Gorjon, President of the Centre for human rights voice of the voiceless, mentioned that the massacre is a case which remains in impunity. We agree that the violation of human, economic and social rights remains; the circumstances of poverty have not improved for the community, as it entrusts the NHRC in recommendation 104 paragraph 14. There has been no compensation due to victims, the State has preferred to submit to blackmail from rogue leaders who really don’t do justice in this case, he said. After 14 years of abuse, impunity, lawlessness and reprimand, Mexico continues to live these acts, which not only reveals the injustice in the country, but they delay progress democratic for a just, equitable and impartial country we are where all beneficiaries and not only those in power, but what We do? against those who do not care for the interests of the people, those who only seek well be among them, between compadres. Original author and source of the article.