The Process

I can afford to say with all responsibility – in this case, the result can not be guaranteed. Without realizing it, how is the process of realizing the desire, and not making the conscious control of this process, no matter how much you do not repeated the mantra of claiming systems and could not imagine a picture from a desired future, it is hardly ever – something happens. If we are being honest to the end, the probability of this is present, but it is so small that almost akin to the accident. However, human nature is to hope for a miracle to avoid making and action. And this is a common human reaction to take place in his life situation. Therefore, always There are many people willing to believe that it is enough just to imagine their purpose, focus on it, and everything else happens by itself. In fact, the reality is that in the absence conscious action desired to be gradually eroded, and the belief in the possibility of realizing the desired quietly disappear.

And this movie is not a problem – it itself is quite good already that makes want to think – is problem of people not wanting to go into the matter end. I propose to try to do it together. Under the concept of control life, it all starts with taking responsibility for their lives. I mean – should happen awareness the fact that you are responsible to themselves for their actions or omissions arising situations.