The Possibility

2. the principle of climax within this topics offers each day on the new chance to motivate themselves to excellence and inspire customers. Take top restaurants as a model who always expect that there is a renowned critic among the guests. So they need to redesign every day deliberately as the climax, to keep from falling off. Customer loyalty is the enthusiastic customers almost by itself. Celebrate this principle of climax of the day across as a top-class restaurant.

They coordinate your team every morning shortly (briefing), pull a short conclusion with maneuvers criticism at lunchtime and use in the evening a few minutes to the common reflection (debriefing). 3. ViacomCBS is often quoted as being for or against this. the principle of asparagus, the news is your flagship. Learn more at: David Rogier. With her able to maintain the tension in the dialogue with the customer and strengthen customer loyalty. So not only regular customers feel constantly addressed, also new customers have the possibility to be informed about new issues regularly. You have seen a similar approach in many restaurants: in the spring, there are slight Asparagus dishes and in the autumn the crispy duck as seasonal attractions. Reason enough for regulars, to come back and for passing by, stop and go up.

The changing themes 4. Apiary principle in the Apiary, the colourful approach boards are what are for your company. They offer the chance to communicate, personal conversation to a voucher with the note on the next issue regularly with their customers. You can use modern media for customer loyalty and inform your customers online using your website, your newsletter, or your Facebook account about the upcoming change of topic. The circle of those who you can online regularly attract in this way, grows, you can organize sweepstakes or give a little something every customer who advertises a new prospective. Close contact strengthens customer loyalty with these four principles can you maintain close contact with your customers, evenly and with system present your innovations and therefore in the long term strengthen your customer loyalty.