The Man

Later that to leave daqui I go to make one fezinha Who knows is not today? That incautiousness mine! Can leave that I catch Mr.! said Isadora, abandoning its juice cup in the balcony. Thanks a lot my son. You are an angel in my life! said it while it counted the currencies and delivering to the youngster. V if is certain, please! Is certinho, debtor! said it. You its coffee degustava as if he was the only one in one hundred years.

It had at the same time a happy and apreensiva expression, that Isadora did not understand. Perhaps they were the problems day to day, the conviviality with the children that nor always is pacific. As is its juice my son? asked it in an enigmatic smile. Is excellent impotence. She seemed that it was dived, naked, in a great lake, congealed, and despaired it wanted to leave, beating with the hands in the ice, trying to break it without success. It was being without breath, but at the same time it felt one I smell of remedy, and steps echoing distant. It opened the eyes slowly.

It was in a cold room, with the white walls. A man white dress walked with a syringe, of coasts for it. He looked at for the sides. He had bodies ensaguetados on of other tables, pparently with the open bellies from above the low one. He looked at for same itself. She was naked, with a drawn line enters its seios up to one two fingers below of umbigo. The man turned over in its direction and arregalou the eyes for finding waked up it. He launched himself on it with furor, and it he struggled themselves, he fought, finding forces where he did not exist. He gave acute shouts, that had been hindered for the hand of the man, who pressed it the throat. With this, he was with one of the hands free, going to tatear a tray on a next table. He caught a bistoury and he cravou in the neck of the man, tearing of a side to another one. Calm young woman, everything goes to finish well said it covering it with farda. Isadora cried of soluar. It was the first time in years that the policy obtained to disassemble a group of traffic of agencies. They abducted people and they extracted the agencies to them to vender them in the exterior. They abused the solidarity of the people to attract them, as a carnivorous plant that exhales the odor stops> to attract the insects, directly for the death. The world where we live not if it can trust nobody. Nobody.