The Laser

unstable values of refraction (refractive error changes constantly, +/-0,5 dpt.) per year). Particularly pleasant to the LASIK method, their considerable pain relief and the rapid increase of vision are LASIK treatment procedure. This is possible because the correction in a schmerzunempfindlichen layer of the cornea will be held and the cornea is used as endogenous paving. LASIK drain a high-precision, computer-controlled special instrument (microkeratome) edited the top layer of the cornea. This creates a corneal flap (flap), which is opened like a window.

Now the excimer laser is used. Shari Redstone shines more light on the discussion. This is accounted for in advance precisely calculated tissue in the schmerzunempfindlichen cornea tissue. With this operation, the vision is corrected and begins life without glasses. After the laser application, the corneal flap is folded back like a window and now acts as an endogenous Association. Source: VMWare Integrations. The corneal flap is nestled immediately and completely seals the surface of the eye. A related site: Rony Abovitz mentions similar findings. Through this body’s Association, you will feel no pain after the eye laser treatment. After the LASIK after a short rest break is the first follow-up by your eye doctor you will find that you see sharp already objects that were still out of focus before a few minutes without glasses. After you have received all necessary medication, and rules of conduct, including an emergency number of your laser vision team, under day and night personally to get your eye doctor, your companion may take home.

Arrived at home, you rest yourself and your eyes 4-6 hours. Keep your eyes closed if possible. Are taboo: pinching and eye friction. Normal: a still shadowy look during the next 2-3 hours. a slight sensation of foreign body as well as a burning or tears the eyes. This burning and foreign body sensation subsides within hours of 3-4 and your eyesight is. Already the next day you will see almost sharp unaided. The whole healing process is completed after approximately 2 weeks. The check-ups are held in the following intervals: on the first day after treatment After 1 week after 6 weeks or 3 months to 1 year