The Figures

I obtained, in the way, to eliminate some that were alone soon behind the group that loaded my friends. The night had fond, and exactly thus, still it obtained to follow the figures. Step by step I was arriving more close. One hour later I arrived close to the group biggest. They loaded my friends, one unconscious ones, waked up others already. In a bare place of the bush they had inside stopped. They had placed prisoners in the soil.

They had joined firewoods and they made a fogueira. They had placed two woods with pitchfork in the tips in the two sides of the fogueira. An one of the figures, being all painted with machas black for all body, pointed with respect to one of my friends, its gesture, exactly not understanding what it said gave to know that had control to place one of the prisoners in the fogueira. I thought with me, will be madness or truth, the figures were cannibals. They would go to eat one of the prisoners. She had that to make something.

She could not attend one of my friends transformed into food for those animalescos beings. The others, moored there, cried out of fear. They foresaw its destination, therefore, also, they would be foods of those creatures. Attemped one walked of a side it another to think. Not wise person what to make. Not wise person as to act. They were many against one only. Trintas of those figures had about ones. Suddenly I stopped and vi four of the figures already held one of the men in air. It struggled itself alucinadamente trying to free itself. Not, not, I cried out exactly with me, I do not have time to think. That madness. Shouts of the prisoners arrived at each moment to my ears as great bells to be badalarem in the cathedrals.