The Debt

Now it happens but that some experience, some teaching something obscured the Prism, I’m going to call it pollution. This can happen if the origin of this experience was made even by a dirty Prism. When I say dirt here, I mean a deposit on the Prism, nothing to provoke disgust or mean about even guilt. Just a deposit. This pollution is not through the light, a shadow is formed.

Anything that you notice with your senses except you, is different from your soul, some important, else not. If you notice any difference, you’re in the unit. It is exactly with your language. About what you say to one another is something that wants to say the soul to you! Everything what you a Others accuse he do to you, you’re doing to your soul! Everything that is projected as a shadow to your counterpart. Watch this on the strength of your feelings, you are your soul. If you say so to your counterpart might, he would be a stranger and make you afraid, then just want to say your soul. You are a stranger to your soul.

She can never be wrong, it is God and at the same time a part of it. The soul is never wrong, only we can not sometimes recognize their light due to the shadow. And she always loves, it is love. Unconditional trust to her is the first prerequisite to forgive himself. Well, it may be that you loaded, blame have debt you give people or guilt, you feel your soul to, or both. The debt is a consequence of the fact. It is the fear of punishment that’s stopping you, to realize what was happening and why. It may be that you want to blame someone else. This can be but also companies or organisations, individuals, the the People formed. You like to have your fault, if you can do your own fault not to look at.