Permanently a business can remain successful only if he works long term: develop the corporate culture consistently pass on and live, structured new employees integrate, fluently and effectively communicate goals and dreams. There is already competition, some customers complain. The company must stand out from the crowd and work from the inside to the outside, otherwise threatening image scratches, Shitstorms, high fluctuation and sick quotas and further damage who no longer must be dealt through marketing campaigns. What is the solution? The solution is and remains the same as at the beginning: a (genuine) corporate culture, contribute to the business objectives, a meaning behind the daily work, open, flowing and transparent communication. Only in the larger context. A clear corporate culture must be developed or recognized the corporate culture must be internalized by all and lived structured, new employees must be integrated into the corporate culture employees need to know that. where the journey should go and what they do for the employees can the major objectives must want to achieve together.

What can help the internal communication? As the right hand of management internal communication should do exactly what the founders did at the beginning: the employees make clear why they are there. In close cooperation with the Department of human resources is the corporate culture translated and gradually set. While the HR Department mainly takes care the newbies (with the support of the IK), internal communication is responsible for the dissemination of the values, goals, vision and timely information. From top to bottom and from bottom to top. Where belongs to the internal communication within the company? A big mistake many companies make is to allow the internal communication in marketing. On the one hand, the marketing departments have experience already many other tasks that they need to do the are urgent and which are actually marketing. On the other hand, there is the Supreme commandment of marketing to generate revenue. And internal communications is located on the opposite bank of the PUK (cost profit = sales).

It simply does not fit into the concept of marketing. So, the IK is often neglected and caused much damage. Internal communication is top priority. Only the CEO can control the internal communication, because only the CEO can control the company itself. The primary goal of the IK is to vote the employees with the company’s strategy and business objectives bring down so that they are understandable to everyone in everyday work. So the ROI of internal communication (never alone, but reliable according to several studies) consists of employee satisfaction, increased productivity, elimination of errors and deliberate cost savings. And who would employ its resources: the CEO, or the CMO? Last tip: people instead of texts who thinks, internal communication that at regular intervals successful mediation (good) messages to the staff, the wrong. The communication is operated by people, day after day. The modern technologies come luckily to help and facilitate communication in many aspects, but none of them could replace face-to-face methods. A (structured) meeting is better than a round mail a workshop is better than a sheet with SOPs and: deeds are better than words worry you for an open (from the top down, bottom upward, and at the same level), flowing (where information is missing, since growing the rumors) and transparent (the truth will be known sooner or later and credibility and trust are, what counts) communication they are must solve hard problems. Their staff will do it myself.