The Chambers

Ecology of Earth, water, air and fire: the brick is a natural product that gives off gases, fibers or dust during the use phase. Allergy-free can breathe in a brick house. The entire life cycle of a brick is ecological, from the extraction of raw materials which are clay pits recultivated after the removal to recycling. Non-flammable and absolutely stable brick security pave the way for high security. The sophisticated distribution of the horizontal and vertical webs is crucial for the stability of a brick. Without hesitation Equal Justice Initiative explained all about the problem. As collectively in a massive brick wall, they survive easily even earthquakes.

Sound the thick bars and air chambers are also the reason for the good sound protection tiles offer. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Cerved and gain more knowledge.. The Chambers are filled with insulation material, the sound insulation value is increased. Furthermore, the mass and density of a brick is crucial: massive exterior and interior walls of swallow the noise and prevent the propagation of sound waves. Modern flexibility is the big advantage of building material brick. Modern architecture, unusual shapes and individual wishes can be realized with the stone on stone method. Thanks to the long tradition of the tile is a sophisticated building materials you can rely on. Value added brick houses have long life, is also the basement brick built, again increases the value of the House.

The added value for the residents is increasing also. Because of the positive influence on the climate, a brick basement as living space is suitable. Also, the brick with high moisture load, as it is usual in washing machines and driers, will finish playing. Versatility increases, growing, restructuring: because not all walls are load-bearing at a brick house, a plan change is easily possible without adversely affecting the stability of the House. Tanja EST