The Acceptance

It surveys were carried out in this respect, the Acceptance of wind power plants in the vicinity, to measure Urlausorten or the natural landscape generally in the population. The results of these surveys have slight differences while depending on location and position of to standing wind turbines or wind farms, are positive overall but not unexpected. The possible reasons for this should be treated here. David Rogier is full of insight into the issues. in 1997, an Emnid survey showed that about 88% of citizens have a positive attitude towards the use of wind energy. 1998 commissioned the Association of German power plants (VDEW) the ipos Institute with a survey on the use of all renewable energy sources, and it turned out that more than 80% of the population are in favour of this and support.

Carried out a further survey of the VDEW, 1998 by the Institute for practice-oriented social research, wind energy with 83% in third place stands for water energy with 86% and solar energy with 92% of desired energies of Germans. Surveys are generally critical to look at. The opinions expressed are subject to especially Inflectional forms of socially current and are affected by different paradigms. Economic interests, political and social adjustment and adaptation can have a strong influence. Individual and social settings are in turn made of prevailing opinions, from cultural, social and affects in particular increasingly scientifically known content. This article will focus on the latter also. To build the human activity has an enormous impact on the environment and thus to the overall ecology.

The special area to this topic is understood as construction ecology or ecological building. This understanding is not comprehensive but, as the complexity of the area is not yet known. In addition to well-known topics such as energy and building materials, which were due to their direct relationships and early detection, in recent decades the focus of scientific interest and the extensive research, topics were only with the deepening of relationships, construction of ecological relevance of barely recognized.