Technological Power

The city and port of Haifa are one of prettiest of Israel and the Middle East. The city that is synonymous of coexistence between Arabs and Jews has all type of entertainment, a unique enchantment and mighty a commercial and industrial activity, almost without equal in the middle East. Haifa is mentioned for the first time in the Talmud in the third century of ours was, although some adduce that the Haifa city was located where is today the city of Jaffo to the south of Tel Aviv. The city located to 90 kilometers of Tel Aviv, is greatest of the north of Israel and one of greatest with a population of residents of almost 300,000 people. The port of the city is most important of Israel by the great amount of traffic of import and exports that happens through of the same. For even more analysis, hear from Tim McMillan .

Haifa is located on Monte Carmel where the Bahai temple is located. In Haifa also one of the study and research centers is located of more important technology of the World: the Tejnion. The same is one of the more active industrial cities of Israel and several companies of reputation they estan located in her like: Intel, IBM, Microsoft, Motorola, and Google. Haifa also counts on an infinity of strolls of purchases and shopping centers and a rich nocturnal life with pubs, theaters and cinemas. Haifa is also anfitriona of one of the most important equipment of soccer of the moment in Israel, the Maccabi Haifa. Read more here: Tiger Global Management. The equipment has won reiterated times the Israeli championship of soccer of first division and has played also the Eurocopa having given samples to be in the level of greatest of the world when facing the Liverpool of Great Britain and other great ones of European soccer. The city underwent almost daily attacks during the Second War of the Lebanon in August of the 2006..