Take Care

Hello! In today's article we will talk about how to buy a car. For questions about how much the car cost dozhzhen what color it should be, and how much it will have wheels, I think you will understand independently. Let's talk about this aspect of the legal acquisition of the car as its acceptance. It's when you paid for the car seller gives to you it inspected and signed a document called the act of reception and transmission. Those who buy a car is not the first time, have been exposed to this procedure, and some will remember that a car is usually given at night on the street, when it is dark or in poor artificial light. Why is this done? The answer is simple.

To ensure that you have not noticed any external defects (if any) and signed the act of reception and transmission, without objection, and remarks. The fact that the contract of sale the buyer must not only pay, but receive the goods. In signing the act of reception and transmission car, you just discharge this responsibility – taking the goods you paid. If you make a product with an external disadvantage (scratch, dent, etc.) by signing the act, without objection, to prove afterwards that she was already on the back of the transfer car can be very difficult. Of course, a qualified lawyer can try to solve this problem, but why do it to you create? Therefore, practical advice: Never sign an act prima transfer before you show the car, if you see any flaws, they indicate when signing the act, or did refuse to sign – this is Your right, if you offer to take the car in bad light or otherwise not quite comfortable circumstances – move while taking the car to another (for example, the next morning). Good luck!