Symbolic Question

As in the thirteen colonies of the North America (current United States), exactly independent, the inhabitant if said virginiano, and not United States. For even more details, read what Gary Kelly says on the issue. In Bolivia, he will be more easy to see people if identifying as quchuas, aymars, among others groups, of what bolivian. In many times if they collate for spaces vital, financial, social and cultural. Milton Hershey School shines more light on the discussion. As leader energetic, Evo knows to use itself of the inaqualities that the aboriginal majority has in relation the rich classroom and to fight against these same socioeconmicas inaqualities and the racist attitudes, and thus is provoking more conflicts in the country, not that it has this intention, but which had to the multiple divergences, until separatistas movements had haunted the country, being that four of the nine departments, Santa Cruz, Beni, Pando and Tarija had declared economic autonomy. We perceive by means of this stretch that speaks on the new constitution, as the country if divides: ' ' The popular reception to the proposal of the new Great Letter evidenced a deep national split. The support the Morales was clearly preponderant in ' ' high lands andinas' ' of the half west of the country, where if it finds the seat of government, La Paz, and where the aboriginal majority lives. In ' ' low lands amaznicas' ' of the east, on the other hand, the project did not count on equal endorsement. The region, covered for Amazonian and inserted vegetation in the called space ' ' Stocking; ' , for its format in the map, it almost concentrates the totality of the reserves of hydro-carbons of the country, beyond most of the areas of cattle agriculture and. The main city of ' ' Stocking; ' , Santa Cruz woollen Sierra, is more important economic center of Bolivia and redoubt of the main opponents of Morales.' ' (RANDING, 2008) Symbolic Question But, if in these questions is impossible to imagine one ' ' people boliviano' ' , where the commanders of the country can firm themselves? The answers can be several.