Street Pacheco

In Blessed Ribeiro two churches exist catholics of Isabel Saint and of They are Sebastio. Learn more at this site: Southwest Airlines. In 1917, living catholics if had congregated in order to establish a church in homage the Isabel Saint, for existing in the region a road with this name, today streets Paracuru Pacheco of the Rock, this road finished in the plaza it Sap. The land donated for the construction was in the esquina of the Street Joo Vicente and Estrada de Santa Isabel, the chapel was ready in the same year. In 25/4/1934 the chapel was raised the category of matrix and in 1964, it was transferred to the Street Leopoldina Seabra. The church of Is Sebastio was established in 18/8/1931 in the Road of Isabel Saint, today Street Pacheco of the Rock, the Church was subordinated to the parish of Isabel Saint, from 1934 became proper parish. In 1985 the parish was transferred to the Managua Square, where it had the ruins of old market COCEA, a food cooperative. A characteristic of these new times is the sprouting of hiper-markets that had finished for motivating the extinguishing of many of the small markets of quarter.

In the place where it was the Church in the Street Pacheco of the Rock, Joo XXIII functions today until the college, where it will be the starting point of our stroll. Every day 20 of January, day of Are Sebastio, padroeiro of the city of Rio De Janeiro, a procession it takes the streets of the quarter, dragging a true multitude of curious fidiciary offices and to follow the image of the saint. The procession finishes in the proper Managua Square where sets of ten of barraquinhas wait the fidiciary offices with diverse foods and drinks. Another aspect of the new times is the disappearance of the cinemas of the quarter, cine Blessed Ribeiro (1925-67), situated to the Street Joo Vicente, 1,167 and cine Caiara (1957-82), that it was to the side of the Blessed Ribeiro, in number 1,143, the building today function protestant churches, phenomenon that the city occurs in all.