Statistical Analysis of Garbage Collection

By the amount of garbage produced one can judge the pace of development of city, town, village, or villages. By the composition of exported garbage can judge the welfare of the citizens who live in these cities, towns, townships, villages. Let’s start with the first: 5 years ago when you go to the Moscow Ring Road from the Dmitrov highway in the direction of on the inner side become visible man-made mountain of garbage. And any man in the street began to ask myself the question – what is it? Reply to this come to mind quickly – to dump garbage after processing (hopefully). But then the question arises why in plain sight and in such proximity to the city, homes, and luxury is now growing construction a mountain? This issue is more complicated but it comes a few minutes later the answer – is likely to be built here now fashionable ski resort. And then begins a rapid development of megalopolis – the flying one, two, four, and in crisis pace of life is when you notice that at the dumping site has grown now I am not afraid of the word “Everest”. And you begin to understand the whole enormity of the project. And fantasy is already drawing like you for future ski slope 4.3 miles again saving is not necessary to go abroad But stop, we moved away from the principal – in the first place you are aware of looking at this mountain of garbage at how huge the city of Moscow, with the understanding that this is just part of the processed and exported to dump garbage. And so it was not so sad to give a few sketches on the theme of waste removal taken into internete and assembled for you in one place.