StarCom is breaking new ground and recommends its customers a further measure of Munich of the telecommunications provider StarCom offers its customers immediately a double savings model: since September of this year StarCom clients not only on the phone can save, but about the power provider Energy2day GmbH from Munich in the daily energy consumption. The Energy2day offers an innovative and transparent measure of power with their StarComEnergy product. For 10 years, the StarCom successfully sells preselection, ADSL and complete connections. In addition, there is a SMS portal via the convenient on the StarCom website text messages can be sent, for all customers and all customers where, still no DSL is available, have the possibility to surf via the free Internet dial up software at StarCom. For more information see Bernard Golden . Should remain of course”, conducting business in an interview told, we wanted to offer our customers an additional option to save money.

Because at the current situation as with the phone: both are impossible to imagine today. Therefore recommends the StarCom from immediately the power switching to Energy2day GmbH, which exclusively offers the brand StarComEnergy for StarCom clients. “The economy model of the electricity supplier is very simple: with the tariff StarComRegioCent each kilowatt-hour consumed is less than the current general tariff of the respective local basic provider at least 2 cents.” This saves the consumer always compared and do not worry about the price, especially since StarComEnergy as another advantage promises no prepayment. There are no exchange fees and no hidden costs, also because all prices inclusive of taxes and service charges are specified. The first existing clients of StarCom were informed about the possibility to be able to save power, with the Energy2day in the future in the telephone bill. “We are very surprised that we received such positive feedback from the customers”, the Executive Board explains seemingly, at the right time, we have the right Idea and we are very pleased to be able to achieve this with the Energy2day GmbH. “