Standard Equipment

Thus, we see that it is important definition of the state grow back and the market, the number of possible buyers and sellers, the demand for equipment estimated. These factors are largely dependent on the type of equipment, its purpose, nature of production. Conventionally estimated equipment can be divided into three groups: 1) Standard equipment 2) Specialized equipment. 3) Non-standard equipment. Divide into groups of equipment depending on the degree liquidity presented in Table 3. Table 3 The division of equipment into groups depending on the degree of liquidity Standard Equipment (Type I) Specialized equipment (type II) Non-standard equipment (type III) Series (high-volume, sredneseriynoe, universal) equipment manufactured by several companies in large lots for several years; designed for a wide range of consumers, has a broad distribution in various enterprises as a sector and in industries nskolkih; market developed: – a large number of buyers and sellers – offers to buy a used / have the equipment and new, there are price lists; Small-scale equipment manufactured at the present time or in the past for companies of a major branch or several branches, can be fabricated with one or more plants, designed for enterprises particular industry and can not be used in other industries, has no analogues on the technical characteristics or poleznostnym; distributed through authorized dealers or by the manufacturer, prices can be opened and closed and placed only after consultation with the manufacturer or dealer, produced a single (individual) production, or to order, number of manufacturers is limited, rigid adherence to technological cycle of the customer; complex assembly, and after dismantling may only have a value equal to the cost of scrap; Example: motor vehicles, road construction machinery, metal equipment (manufactured in large lots), food equipment, shop equipment, pumps, computer and office equipment and furniture. Example: up-and-vehicles, tank equipment, milling and distilling industries, textile machinery, highly specialized printing equipment, cinemas, industrial refrigeration equipment, boilers.