SPD State Parliament

“Renewable energy can open up many municipalities in the country’s future prospects’ Neubrandenburg / Neddemin – I am convinced that the future energy supply needs to be organised in a more decentralised” with these words the Minister-President of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, Erwin Sellering opened the Symposium of the SPD State Parliament faction in Gustrow a few days ago. ” The energy cooperative Freudenberg is EC i.g. Since early 2009 with this motto in the country on the road to present local authorities, farmers and entrepreneurs of small and medium enterprises, especially in the transport sector, its approach to the production and use of synthetic diesel fuel of from biogenic raw materials and residues, CEHATROL, brand. The energy cooperative attaches great importance to the fact that expenditures for the establishment of production facilities in the region are. The regional economic cycles in unexpected mass are strengthened by the subsequent production of the synthetic fuel CEHATROL and sustainable jobs created and maintained. Renewable energy can open many municipalities in the future of the country”, so Sellering. This is also the credo of the energy cooperative Freudenberg EC I.g..

The energy cooperative of Freudenberg and the CEHATROL fuels EC members are their own diesel producers. The diesel fuel that is derived almost exclusively from biogenic raw materials and residues, name CEHATROL, is not enriched with conventional biodiesel and produced according to DIN EN 590. Learn more about the energy cooperative at.