Many people are forced to travel by work issues and leave the car at the airport for days. Therefore, the company Vueling is offering a new service to customers who choose to fly with them. The company has brought together different services provided individually, in a pack called Go!, in which we will have options for advancement or delay of a flight on the day, preferential boarding, selection of seat, boarding passes in your email and some more options. A differentiating package you want to distance themselves from the companies Low cost and which other carriers such as Spanair are already thinking to implement. In a question-answer forum McKinsey was the first to reply. With this pack, passengers who take their flights to Menorca, for example, may have the boarding gate in your mail conveniently, boarding before other passengers, sitting in the seat you choose, comfortably enjoying the trip. Around the corner, as a climax to a great experience, they would have your freshly cleaned car. And it is that airlines tend increasingly more to differentiate themselves from the others providing extra value to their services, what could be the difference between choosing to travel with a company or another, something very important for them now. Original author and source of the article.