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Source The current center is the embryo of the city, from which his birth was conceived and development. The steps in the background Angelenos can be accessed at La Placita Olvera, which is the area that remains of the old town. During the Second World War, the city grew and many people moved to the area by establishing a suburb that stretches over 100 kilometers in each direction. The center at that time had several major department stores (department stores). For the people at the center of march many doors closed in the 70s and 80s, some of them moved to new areas of the center, as the financial area (eg Macy’s). With the financial area moving more to the area west of downtown, the nightlife, restaurants and nightclubs have revitalized the area. Now, with the construction of several residential apartments and refurbishment of old buildings into apartments, the population has increased, as the movement both day and night.Many companies saw in 2000 that there was a market for the purchase of condominiums in the old renovated center banks. It’s been so successful that now there is the construction of luxury lofts high for people who work in offices by day. As a sign of urbanization and the return of people to the center, has opened a Ralphs supermarket in the area, proof that the center has returned to being a residential area.