Solidary Sensitivity

The conceptual categories that more are distinguished in the production of the pupils had been: abandonment, homesickness, solitude, wait, meeting and/or loss of a familiar and politicosocial love, hatred, conflicts, urban violence, unemployment, exclusion, culture of the peace, telurismo, life and death. In some poetries instants or discrete denunciations emerge on the miseries imposed to the people for the social inaquality, under dramas, conflicts not decided, vain dreams desfeitos and hopes. The morbidez, the panic and the terror they had dominated some poetries, perhaps inhaled in the plot of films that make success between the adolescents. For even more details, read what Gary Kelly says on the issue. In the lessons of language and literature, the readings, the literal production and the translation of poetries had been become fullfilled; in Artistic Education, the pupils had made the illustration of poetries of the colleagues. The carried through activities make possible to the union of referenciais theoretician-practical and artistic-expressive resources to allow the co-authorship of the pupils as partners in this taken over on a contract basis whose challenges esbarram in the transposition of the imposing models of translated immediate results in performance scales. It can be affirmed that the expectations and objectives defined for this project, had been beyond the waited one, therefore if it formed a solid epistemolgico ballast that influenced the quality, the coherence, the creativity and the aesthetic one of constructed poems e, mainly, stimulated it reading and the production of poetries; surely it occurred the integration of the involved contents and the interaction between the participants; therefore it had partnership, collective scienter for (reverse speed) the production and evaluation of knowing and partner-cultural attitudes for the friendship bows and overcoming to them of the shyness and the proper individual limits. (Source: Andrew Duncan Producer).

One expects that this study it can contribute with (reverse speed) the significao of the language, the creativity, the expressividade in the pedagogical prxis through the sensitization, of the ternura, the affectivity and interconnection of contents, feelings and expectations for the humanizao of the education through conceptions on poetry and criticidade as activities gifts in daily thinking.