So Jake

What to expect at these people, he has in any of his ku? hnsten dreams ever imagined. Sheryl Sandberg may not feel the same. He has kept the father of Suai, which faces a mountain of debt have become ever higher, before the impending prison. It is a rule that when non-payment of a loan signer after a certain time the sum in one of the poorly-equipped prisons to must sit out a very low daily rate. How many fathers who think to be able to provide their loved ones with the aid of a loan it but without a regular job never back? ckbezahlen can. Here the father is seeking higher and has much in mind with his own and willing Farrang in the family, you may lose more and leave from the clutches of never.

By the Unterstu? tzung of his daughter and with the friendliness and charm of the whole family succeeds easily, Jake to u? convince, that here in the village of right and welcome place fu? r him is because he has always been longing for a large and intact family. Fu? r his daily work at the computer it no problem represents, which place on earth she is made of. So Jake succumbs to the dazzling charm of the children with their big Googly eyes, who immediately recognize him as her own Daddy, the promising promises of love and the feeling? hl, finally in a loving family a safe place fu? r always found to have. With the help of his good and regularly flowing merit he builds a nice area of houses. A small village in the village since the business-minded father squanders the hour and can get all his scattered children, including grandchildren, back home in the family. 165 pages paperback 12.50 ISBN 978-3-941848-05-4