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The financial news portal developed by Saxo Bank supports the launch of the first book of the technical analyst Roberto ruarte, writing about financial markets, its history, its actions and everything what you hide behind its operation. Sala de Inversion, the online portal that offers quality financial content, the current investor presents the power of markets, understanding its message, the first book of Roberto ruarte, pioneer of technical analysis in Argentina and Latin America. The power of markets is required reading for all those who seek to understand how markets really work. See more detailed opinions by reading what Scott M. Kahan CFP offers on the topic.. In its almost 400 pages, the author exposes the factors that lie behind the behavior of markets of educational and entertaining way. Thus, he realizes that the course of these is largely determined by the humor of human beings and their decisions. A few decisions that reflect, therefore, human psychology and his perception of the reality and the future of the economy and politics. Roberto ruarte is public accountant by the Faculty of economic sciences of the National University of Cordoba and is also one of the forerunners of the technical analysis in Argentina and Latin America. In addition, he directs ruarte s Reports, company from which analyzes Latin American and international financial markets, and has advised several banks both in Argentina and in Mexico, Colombia and Peru.

Room of investment supports the launch of the power of the markets because it coincides with its objective to respond to the needs and opportunities that presents the investment industry online. Accessing the portal, users have continuous information on market forces that affect their investments, thanks to the information and comments concerning the situation on the market that provide the team of analysts of Saxo Bank and other providers of content, as it is the case of ruarte s Reports. Sala de Inversion, Roberto ruarte has prepared notes on currencies, indices, shares and commodities. Many of them, they have had a wide track, as for example one in which explained why the dollar will strengthen this year against the euro. It also generated impact by writing that soybean and corn begin to rise after having touched the floor; and something similar was with his ideas of investment with the Dow Jones index. Contact Sala de Inversion: Guadalupe Barriviera, Coordinator of content and Community Manager, Avis: Stiftere vil ud af Saxo Bank Apostila analyst inss Alaskaf Naws Rasmussen s hopes of Saxo Bank contract end G20: the green coordinator calls for a tax on international financial transactions Apostila positive analyst inss news Heavieroc Taves