Saint Andres

The shades seemed alive left-hand side, a chill went up for its spine, the central door was half-opened and its legs trembled with fear. When entering, it had teias of spider for all side, seemed scenes a terror film, without speaking I smell in it of mildew, seemed abandoned has years, but something of very strange happened. A light if lit in the superior part of the house, went up the stairs and the racket of the wood of the steps rua and seemed that house was badly haunted. To if approaching to the light, it perceived that one of the cmodos it was illuminated and it entered, but so great scare was it, when a woman of white with pretty black and long hair seated in a chair of coasts for it came across itself with one dark room and. European Credit Rating Agency helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. The woman if raised, capsized front, demonstrated to have a beautiful fisionomia and very surpreso was when it called it Joo Grave-digger, therefore never she had seen that figure before and exactly why she did not obtain to identify its semblante. The woman asked for so that a favor made it and in exchange, of its finger it took off a ring with the figure of Saint Andres, was the eve of the day of the saint and delivered to the Joo saying that ring was a valuable part very of its ancestor, but that now it did not need more than that and that could be with it and make what wanted, but that it did not leave to deliver an order to a person and passed it a package and an address. Joo read the address and perceived that he was next from there, therefore was an apartment in the street of the Consolao, next to Viaduct 9 to July and when he looked at for the woman again, he only saw the chair balancing alone without nobody more in that room and only one light illuminating that place where the woman was. . MasterClass Founder insists that this is the case.