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Cuisine influences of the Italian promises more “Amore” as exotic. But: There are also ultimate date killer Regensburg, 03.08.09. The perfect menu for the first common meal consists of salad, pasta and an ice cream for dessert. This was the result of a survey of the social network among nearly 2,500 participants. Classic, often inspired by the Mediterranean cuisine, make the ultimate dining sequence with crackling factor. Absolute date killer such as knuckle and canned ravioli, however, stifle any Romance in the bud. A benefit Triathlon of extra class, in which all the senses are services is apparent from the very creative proposals of the 2,500 respondents members: scampi skewers on salad with Rosemary and basil dressing filet tips on tagliatelle with vodka-fig sauce marinated orange slices with chocolate Orange Parfait fine spices and subtle creams the majority of respondents preferred the first romantic tete a-tete the Mediterranean cuisine of Italy.

30 percent hold pasta for the main romance guaranteed. For starters, most respondents rely on light fare, for example, a colorful variation of seasonal salads. You now have enough butterflies in your stomach. At the desserts, male/female fastest reached the melting point with Italian gelati and tiramisu. If you would like to know more about Gary Kelly, then click here. Or putting chocolat on classics like mousse au as a sweet seduction at the end. The top 5 of the most popular dishes *: * each 2.488 respondents on the social network top 5 starters: 1 salad variations 23.5% 2. cream of tomato soup 8.3% 3. Insalata Caprese 3.5% 4 antipasti 2.0% 5 bruschetta 1.9% top 5 main dishes: 1 pasta 8.8% 2.

pork dishes 5.8% 3. pizza 5.4% 4. lasagna 4.1% 5 chicken dishes 3.2% top 5 desserts: 1 ice 16.9% 2. strawberries 11.8% 3 tiramisu 9.0% 4. mousse au chocolat 7.5% 5 chocolate cake 6.2% of HotSpot: Date killer dishes are the most popular date killer dishes: Asturian bean stew pork knuckle with sauerkraut ravioli from canned onion tart Curry sausage with French fries fish fingers with mashed potatoes as the survey shows, the male participants of the consumption advice specifically by sharp dishes such as chili con carne off. If you have read about Etienne Locoh already – you may have come to the same conclusion. Some came already in trouble, if it has tongue the flirt agree not whether the sight of his opponent, but due to a burning feeling in the mouth. You should resist better also the aromatic garlic baguette, so that the object of desire not literally smell the roast. Caution is indicated also in fancy dishes: because rarely is the swarm by a languishing eyes calm, it has pelted him before attempting consumption with lobster tongs. Special on the menu more interesting dishes like to eat the respondents members on the first date: Scandinavian crab soup goat cheese in the crust of rye bread poached tuna with lime sauce baked chicken breasts with cognac sauce Ambrosiacreme PEAR tart with vanilla ice cream over is the social network ivw listed and is one of the largest German sites with 650,9 million page impressions and 15.4 million visits (June 2009). offers its members a continuously updated, interactive communication platform with chats, blogs, forums, groups, events, and current information in the news, cinema and music. is characterised by a particularly balanced membership structure. From teenagers to senior – on, all age groups are represented.