Rose Fragrance In Ancient India

For many years, since ancient Persia and India, and to this day, Rose is a special, delightful flower. Reverent attitude is constantly accompanied by her, it symbolized the beauty and love, beautiful bouquets of roses decorated, and adorn the residences of the nobility and power. Oracle has firm opinions on the matter. Exquisite rosaries, where to find the best varieties of roses are the adornment of palaces and villas today, as well as a century ago. With these beautiful flowers, many related to personal memories. Komuto they helped to establish new, romantic relationship, kama is to strengthen old ones. Roses are a part of culture, and substantial source of income of some States, a symbol of secret and open societies.

Color and flavor of roses for a long time adored by many. Love the rose is not Veen our era – long before the formation of European civilization admired her and admired in ancient India. She admired the Maharaja and the local know about her legends. A mandatory attribute of the palace of the era were the bouquets of roses and gardens, along the tracks groove, which were filled with rose water, so that the scent of roses did not leave the owners of the palaces on the streets. Caravans carried the news about these wondrous colors on the entire East. After hearing about them, the Persian Shah, lovers of beauty and luxury become breeding roses in her gardens. So Persia (today Iran) has become one of the centers of breeding roses. Love the roses quickly spread to the whole of Persia, and for those on the whole east.