Resolution United

' for the General meeting and the Advice of Security of the ONU they have the right to apply the decisions of the TIJ on the Sara (1975) as territory incorporated for Morocco and on the right of the Palestinians (2004) ' '. The judge of the TIJ defended the marroquinidade of the Sara and its territorial integrity pointing that he has respect of the Mauritnia and the Argel. Morocco have right on its sara as the too much countries to be recognized that Spain is the responsible one for the descolonizao. It sees Resolution 1514 and the question of the conflict of the Sara Occidental person Has fifty years behind, many consultations in the scope of the responsible Commission for the Subjects politicians of the descolonizao and of (Fourth Commission) of the Assembly of they had United Nations led to the approval of resolution 1514. Such resolution has for objective finally to the colonial age, especially, in Africa and Asia. Morocco were one of the countries, directly involved, when to deal with the end of the colonialismo in the areas subordinated against the different ones agreements firmed between Spaniard and Frenchmen between 1886 and 1912.

Making possible the incorporation of lands to complete to the territorial unit of Morocco in reply to the disposals of Resolution 1514, in 14 of December 1960. After five years of the approval of Resolution 1514 for the General meeting of United Nations, Declaration 2625 was presented during the General meeting under n.1883 in 24 of October 1970, on the basis of the principles of the International law and in the Relations of Friendship and Cooperation between the States and in the Letter of United Nations. This declaration confers in particular, the primordial importance of ' ' Letter of United Nations keeping the peace and the international security, as well as supporting to the relations of friendship and cooperation between the countries.