Really Simple Syndication

RSS (short for Really Simple Syndication) is a relatively new technology that allows anyone who creates frequently changing web content – news, blogs, news, etc. – to deliver their messages to interested readers. there is no fuss, no muss and best of all – No Spam! Today, RSS is used by content-rich sites (mainly blogs and news centers) to keep readers abreast of newly published posts or breaking stories. But RSS can do much more. Baby clothes understands that this is vital information. Many companies and organizations are not really exploit the amazing properties of this technology – and in doing so, they are leaving on the table countless opportunities to create even more value, sales and traffic to your business, product or service and market share it represents. Here are just some of the creative ways that companies and other groups can leverage the power of RSS and create new revenue streams and of interest to their organizations.

Create a “Classifieds and Special Offers” Feed If your company offers courses, seminars, products, services, offers, sales – basically anything that changes, updates or rotates through a cycle – then creating a dedicated RSS feed could save you (and your customers) and money. By creating an “Announcements and Specials” of food and access it offers to its customers as an alternative to email and print mailers, you can maintain your customer base up to speed as well as sending a limited time and exclusive “feed only” specials discounts, which is an incentive to “get on board.” This not only saves time by reducing the cycle of advertising time it takes to update your web page or feed, saving money from their customers, enabling them to quickly scan through the lines that offer and choose only one are interested in – while their savings in cost and time and paper digital postal items (with their appallingly low conversion rates and delivery sporadic) gradually increased in the segment of readers supply their customer base grows..