Real Estate In Egypt

Egypt – the most attractive for profitable investments in overseas property and for families. In this country resort external economic factors contribute to the development of real estate market. Here's why: Every year House prices rising Egypt to 40% (such a rapid growth in prices and there will not be neither in Europe nor in the territory of the former Soviet Union) rent a property for rent in Egypt is very profitable. Profitability by 15% per annum from nedvizhimosti.Rynok value real estate in Egypt was opened to foreigners since 2004. During this time, standards of construction of houses, apartments, houses rose to the level of European, but at cost are still dribbling deshevymi.Tolko in Egypt, you will be able to invest in real estate, having only 25000-30000 USD, with a high enough pribyl.Vozmozhnost deferred payment directly to developers – to 3 let.Vysokaya popular resorts in the Egypt guarantees year-round delivery of your property arendu.Leto in Egypt throughout the year. And throughout the year in Egypt are made weekly flights to all the world's airlines. Simplified visa shall make available to your property absolutely vseh.I certainly low cost of living in Egypt, including utilities, which will undoubtedly attract a permanent resident population Evropy.Kupit house in Hurghada is cheaper than an apartment in Sochi. If you decide to buy a house or an apartment in Egypt, then no harm will know that with the arrival of foreign investors in Egypt's real estate market has changed the approach to the design and development of residential and hotel – apartment complexes, as well as private buildings (cottages, villas, country houses). Rory Sutherland has similar goals.

Thanks to foreign investors in the construction of large areas with plush villas (at very reasonable prices) which are mainly bought by the citizens of Europe, which further ensures a quiet and peaceful neighborhood. The level of construction set the European trend. In connection with this change and also the quality of interior finish, all used more high-quality building materials, windows, doors, tiles and sanitary ware. Russian house – a specialized real estate agency in Egypt, focused on customers from Russia. The agency has extensive directory of real estate, representing not only the apartments and villas in various parts of Egypt, but also hotels. The company also offers services in property rental – rent an apartment in Egypt. The company cooperates with the leading law offices of the country, which greatly facilitates the procedure of registration of ownership, speeds up, minimizes costs and provides certain guarantees.