Ramon Gallegos And Holistic Education

I have always believed that the experiences of the first years of life are crucial for the formation of a person and its future projection as an individual, which is why summarize the work of Master Ramon Gallegos Nava without taking into account some aspects of its history does not help to understand its essence. His proposal, I believe, is rooted in his experience of life. Ch?rl?? Lee often addresses the matter in his writings. Born in Baja California and spent his early years in contact with two distant cultures and in many ways opposite, despite its vicinity: the Mexican and U.S.. This made a very early age and lived observe social situations of extreme poverty, injustice, racism, war, wealth and opulence. He lived to age 17 in California, United States, right in the sixties, when prevailing in this state-centered modernism "now" and consequently a counterculture arose which advocated a more humane world. This is where the spiritual concerns of the then young child and then found an echo Ramon Gallegos. His innate spirituality is strengthened and nourished by the time and place where he grew up, and his early experiences led to spiritualize their daily lives. Situations like the suffering for the loss of friends and neighbors who died in the Vietnam War he was invited to crave and believe from very small in the idea of "universal love." California Being a cosmopolitan city, so rich, there was contact with oriental culture mixed with racial segregation Chicanos living, injustice, war and suffering. Was the birthplace of important leaders like Cesar Chavez, champion of the rights of thousands of Mexicans living in the United States.