Prospective Employer

My agra – decimiento most sincerely for your attention. Sincerely, Elisabet Judit Astegher Santillan 3007 2000 Rosario Tel. 156-297000 439-0000 to receive messages. Example b I write to offer my services as administrative employee. I offer my experience as a teacher and organiser of basic accounting in civilian institutions to your organization. I have attached my Curriculum Vitae as a first step to assess my chances of working in its organized-tion. My last project was to organize the accounting system of the circle of Vete-ranos Scout of the Republic Argentina. In addition, I wrote the first draft of the user manual, for NGO management in the organization.

On the other hand, I’m used to working in teams and has experience in project management. My experience in the management of Office and other graphic design programme the rapid assimilation of new siste – allow me to more. My desire is to acquire more experience and business vision in an orga-organization like yours, and I will make every effort in that direction. Appreciate that they kept the confidential nature of this request-tud of employment. If you think suitable, they can contact popniccom-go for an interview on the date that suits them best.

My agra – decimiento most sincerely for your attention. Sincerely, Karina Rut Astegher Santillan 1117 2000 Rosario – Santa Fe Tel.: 156-290000 439-0000 to receive messages. A Once drafted our Curriculum, must begin to send it any notice related to our specialty and even places that may need-tar our services in the future. ARRANGE interviews by phone, there is a new modality concerning notices that appeared in the press, many of them say: request-TAR interview certain number, which means avoiding the tumult of people who expect a possibility, and at the same time are going to meet at a certain time, being greater prospects for work since going to directly contact your prospective employer.