Production Processes

For nearly 40 years Leuze electronic developed optoelectronic sensors and systems. Today the company is a leading manufacturer of optoelectronic sensors, from simple sensors to complex dvuhpozitsionnnyh video systems, identification systems and data, up to the widely used worldwide safety systems that protect people from injury when working with dangerous moving parts and machinery. Leuze electronic consists of three divisions. LOS division is responsible for all analog and two position sensors. LOG unit engaged reader barcode data transmission systems and sensors for remote measurements with maximum distance 170 m and the last on the list, but not least – a division involved in LAS devices providing workplace safety. From the outset, became clear the need to move on world market and as a result of today the export ratio is more a high place. So today we have around the world has 13 subsidiaries and more than 21 distributors.

Let's start with the production unit LOS, then is with the optical systems. With regard to the operation of the optical sensor, basically there are three principles: 1. System with a single beam of light that are literal type designation LS. 2. Reflex-light systems that carry the designation PRK. 3.

Devices based on the principle of radar, working here with the light reflected from the object's surface. These devices are marked with RT and HRT. Through-beam system consists of a transmitter and receiver, which are housed in separate buildings. This principle is particularly useful for complicated environmental conditions with a lot of dust, vapor or mist, or to detect objects with reflective surface, etc.