Practical Financial Advice

Comprehensive insurance – one of the most complex types of financial services, which requires attention, some knowledge in the field of insurance and the possibility of obtaining professional advice from a professional insurance market. So, what should I look for when signing a contract of insurance and how to protect themselves from unscrupulous insurance companies and brokers to market insurance. At first, a look the financial state insurance companies – your potential insurer. Typically, such information can be found in magazines and newspapers financial focus, for example, 'expert', 'Money' or sites obschestrahovoy subjects, particular,. Since the introduction of the law on compulsory motor TPL insurance, auto insurance has received a new impetus and scope of comprehensive insurance and CTP increased significantly. Thus, the financial results for the fees and disbursements for the year 2006 give a positive dynamics of development for the majority of insurance companies operating in the market and, accordingly, Casco can recommend exactly the insurance companies that this dynamic is most pronounced. In the future, we can recommend the following steps: – go for the calculation and explanation of the terms of insurance to insurance companies, in particular, Ingosstrakh, RESO-Garantia, gut-insurance, insurance company, MAX, Standard-reserve, Yugoria, Uralsib Rosgosstrakh – apply to insurance brokers and agents: they will offer you different options and motor insurance programs, it is important to consider the proposals at the stage of an insurance broker to find out from insurance company if they have a contract with the broker – search the web sites of insurance on car insurance – ask for their friends and relatives who already had experience dealing with insurance. All information collected will be around the 'spin' around the hull value and few people pay attention to the conditions for payment of insurance compensation. Here we have to ask for an explanation of all things to the experts (preferably insurance broker, since they are the least interested in any insurance company) and advise when visiting the insurance companies are not too lazy to go to the Claims department.