Porting Association Lenico

So Paulo Lausanne FC appeared there. Source: RODRIGUES, Alberto et alii. The history of the Tiger of the Cantareira: illustrated historical edition of the 75 years of So Paulo Lausanne FC. So Paulo: Ferrari, 2002. Lenico Creio that the writer Zlia Gattai, who was wife of Loved Jorge, was the most illustrious torcedora of the history of the Porting Association Lenico. it chose this bahian club for a reason sufficient singelo, the name: ‘ ‘ In So Paulo, I am Palms; in Rio De Janeiro, Flamengo. When I arrived at the Bahia, needed to have a teams.

I chose for the name, I found Lenico a pleasant name, simptico’ ‘ counted to the So Paulo writer to the Leaf of S. Pablo. In fact, Lenico is an interesting, different name, perhaps only in the world, for a club. How it appeared? That it counts is Guiovaldo Fertile valley, son of the founder, in book on the history of ‘ ‘ Moleque Travesso’ ‘ Bahian (interesting the same nickname and the same colors of the Juventus of the street Javari, in So Paulo). Its father, Oswaldo de Castro Fertile valley, remador and player of the Victory and after Galicia, wanted to mount a teams of soccer with its colleagues, to represent the company where they worked, in ‘ ‘ match caixeiral’ ‘ (of tellers, that is, commercial employees). The company if called Carl Leoni & Company. Or, in its form shortened to the American style, Leoni & Co. It was enough to shorten more a bit and he was ready the name of the thus established club in 03.04.1940.