Photovoltaic Projects

It is performance to PV installations with a total of 5 megawatts. Munich/Berlin Solista solar GmbH launches with momentum in the year 2013 and has currently several photovoltaic plants in Germany for sale. It is performance to PV installations with a total of 5 megawatts. The projects are located in different locations with very good radiation. The equipment can be individually (with a size of about 250 kWp) or be purchased in the package. As the feed-in tariff currently monthly falls is a quick decision of importance.

Solista developed and mature photovoltaic projects in Germany solar offers with the aim, to finish these in the 1.Quartal of the year. With particular interest, please contact us), will gladly we send you a corresponding Expose. Rooftop lease/rental of roof also seeks Solista solar before developed projects in Germany with these specifications: wanted a minimum irradiation of 950 kWh / m as well as a minimum size for rooftop installations from 8 000 m, or from 15,000 m with flat roofs. Solista solar is your competent partner in terms of roof rentals/rooftop lease with the aim to earn revenue with your unused roof space. Solista designed the photovoltaic systems with the aim to generate the maximum revenue. Precise planning are necessary and top components (modules, inverters, substructure and connectors and cable).

Solista solar GmbH relies on extensive Know-How. Through our carefully calculated and proven project planning, Solista lowers the cost of the photovoltaic plant, so it pays for itself as soon as possible. Energy storage systems Solista solar already offers the future, energy storage systems ESS (with) you can actually provide self which is combined with a photovoltaic system. Solista offers different battery storage systems lithium ion-based. With a lithium-ion storage you can not only theoretically become independent from the current price development. Such an energy store allows you, depending on the amount of memory is to provide themselves. Contact to us, if you have on the subject of questions. Energy storage systems are also interested in commercial enterprises with high electricity costs. Finally, the goal of a photovoltaic system is permanently to reduce the electricity bill. Turnkey solar power plants are planned by Solista households, farmers and commercial customers and installed. The customer selects different varieties and brands for its individual solar power plant, so that each customer receives his ideal solar package. With solar systems by Solista solar can understand your energy revolution and be permanently independent from the rising price of electricity.