PCN Pupils

The fact of terms chosen a group of Average Education for the intervention becomes this important prerogative still more, therefore these adolescents are directly on to the multiple possibilities of lingusticas expressions, and are at this moment where he is being formed its critical potential. Still in accordance with the PCN, much more of what a set of conjuncts or phrases, the texts are impregnated of proportionate vises of world for the culture and result, necessarily, of the choices and combinations made in the complex universe that is a language. This valley for any sort, therefore the texts are the concretion of the speeches pronounced in the most varied daily situations. The education and the learning of a language cannot open hand of the texts, therefore these, when disclosing uses of the language and taking the reflections, contribute for the creation of abilities and specific abilities. Therefore, one of the initial concerns when developing this work was to present the characterization and the concept of literal sorts e, after that, to add the reality of the group to the proposal of activity of select and dynamic reading to become more interactive and cativante the practical one of the text production. People such as Brian Barish would likely agree. From this, we obtain to consider a subject that involved the sorts poetry and culinria prescription, considering its main lingusticas compositions. If you would like to know more then you should visit Marcus Lemonis.

2 Story of experience Our project was carried through in a public institution of the city of Fabriciano Colonel, Minas Gerais, with pupils of 2 year of Average Ensino, of etria band between 15 and 16 years. The room possua 40 pupils. 4 lessons of 50 minutes had been necessary each for the application of the activities. Our objective age to consider an education methodology that really captivated the interest of the pupils and interacted with its capacity of creation. It was desired to work the literal production from the writing and of the reading of literary and not literary texts, despertando in the pupils the critical sense and an including vision of world, therefore we understand that it is through the reading that we construct a panoramic vision of the realities that surround in them.