Pavement And Floor Tiles With Marble Crumb

On the advantages of paving elements of the decorative concrete now heard everything. They are beautiful, do not require special care, have a high frost resistance and durability. Therefore, more and more yards on the playgrounds, in device, pedestrian zones, and especially on suburban areas, elements of decorative concrete paving. Sidewalk tiles – tech material, which allows to lay the tracks and platforms of all sizes and configurations. Laying tiles on the sandy bottom cover attaches a lot of advantages compared with solid asphalt coating: – on the surface of the coating is not formed puddles because the water goes free through the gaps between the tiles – tiling does not violate the natural needs of plants in the water and gas exchange, which favorably affects the ecology of the surrounding space – with the need for repair work (eg underground pipelines), paving tiles can be easily removed, to undertake the necessary work and put again – in the summer heat of tile coating significantly less than that of the dark asphalt, with a tiled floor is not soft and does not emit volatile products. Tile is made by vibrocasting using plasticizers. Then subjected to a thorough sanding. By paving tile, manufactured according to gost 17608-91 "Concrete paving slabs', imposed strict requirements on frost resistance (not less than 200 cycles of freezing and thawing), strength (not less than 30 MPa), water absorption (less than 5%) and Friability (no more than 0,7 g / cm).

In the concrete mix includes: – Portland M500D0 (GOST 10178-85) – as the fine aggregate used mortar sand with fineness modulus at least 2 that meet the requirements of gost 8736-93. – As a major filler used rubble of igneous rocks (granite, marble) 5-10 mm fraction that meets the requirements of gost 8267-82. – For a variety of color compositions added a special dye "PREHEZE" Czech Republic. Designers are drawing houses, industrial buildings, retail businesses and recreational facilities are increasingly choosing to paving with marble crumb.